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Simultaneous joy and anxiety of standing at a new precipice

Simultaneous joy and anxiety of standing on a new precipice

Welcome to my new blog, a new adventure for me to share nuggets of wisdom that are in various stages of polishing. I’ve spent my life in my head, trying to figure it out and how I fit into this great cosmic mix of things. My main takeaway so far is that I have so very much yet to learn.

I carry a great passion within me to soothe the pain and mend the wounds that myself and so many others carry. Much of this comes from my own lived experience as a woman from a working class background, with both of these pieces of my identity weighing heavily on my own analysis and perception. As such, my writings often carry feminist themes and are woven with colorful language that some may find offensive. That is not my intent. This is my art and I choose to express it in the way that best suits me.

The topics and subjects that I cover will vary greatly, but a few dear to me will come up often, including body image, body love, and diet recovery. It is only through my own recent liberation from the diet roller coaster that I have found the energy and gumption to express myself in new and creative ways such as this blog. Not to be cliche, but I may touch on love and relationships from time to time as well. I was one of those unfortunate teenage girls that dove headfirst into a relationship at an early age. I don’t recommend this path for anyone, despite the valuable lessons I’ve learned along that confusing, tumultuous, and delayed path to adult relationships.

My hope is that sharing my own life experience will spread a bit of the peace I’ve begun to find in my life. I’m still learning everyday, and this will be a new part of my own process as well.


  1. I can see your eagerness to help the world and create transformation for you and those ready to hear.

  2. Bring it,daughter,maybe through you,some other woman/child can be spared some of the pain!

  3. Prayers and positivity to you, my dearest, loveliest and onliest sister! You take all of those rich words and give them to the world!

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